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Great Cloth Diaper Change


Join us on Saturday, April 23rd for the 2016 GCDC! 


The Great Cloth Diaper Change takes place at 11am at:

Country Drawers

702 Patterson

Cambridge, Nebraska


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The Great Cloth Diaper Change  (GCDC) FAQs - 2016 Info coming soon!!


What is the GCDC?

The Great Cloth Diaper Change is a worldwide event where participants will attempt to set a world record for the most cloth diaper changes within a 24 hour period around the world.

In 2013, The Great Cloth Diaper Change created incredible buzz in the U.S. and all over the world with 8,301 babies changed into cloth diapers in 15 countries. 

Country Drawers will again be hosting the Southwest/South Central Nebraska location in Cambridge, Nebraska on April 20th at the Cambridge Community Building.


How do I register?

You only need to register if you are taking part in the Great Cloth Diaper Change. You do not need to register to attend the other events.

Please follow this link to register: There is no fee to register, but, we are asking that all participants register for the event so we can have an accurate count.

Please register 1 ticket per baby. If you will be bringing more than one baby to participate in the change, there must be one adult per each child. Children must be under 39 inches tall to participate.


Do I HAVE to register?

You only need to register if you are taking part in the Great Cloth Diaper Change. You do not need to register to attend the other events.

While we are not requiring you to register before the event, we would greatly appreciate that all participants register.

If you are not registered before the event, you will have to register at the door and there is a chance you will not receive a participant’s goodie bag as the amount available depends on the number of participants that have registered.

To register, please follow this link:


What do I need to bring for the GCDC?

Please bring a changing pad and a cloth diaper to change your baby into.

* It doesn't matter what type of diaper a child arrives in but each child must be changed into a cloth, reusable diaper that can be purchased online, at a brick & mortar store, or is offered through a diaper service. Homemade diapers that aren't commercially available are not allowed.


I want to participate in the GCDC but I don’t use cloth diapers?

The GCDC is all about spreading the cloth diaper love and we don’t want to exclude anyone. While we would be thrilled if you decided to buy cloth diapers to use for the event, we understand that not everyone will be ready to make the switch.

We will have a limited number of cloth diapers available for participants to borrow during the change. All diapers must be returned after the change. Please let us know at check in if you will need a cloth diaper.

If you decide after the event that you’d like to purchase some cloth diapers, there will be some diapers on hand to purchase.

What will happen at the GCDC?

Our doors open at 10am and we ask that participants check in no later than 10:45am CST. Because this event must take place at an exact time, participants that arrive late may not be eligible to qualify for the event.

The actual diaper change will take place in a sectioned off area. Only participants will be allowed in this area. Older children, family members and/or friends that are not participating cannot be in this area during the change per Guiness World Record guidelines.

At the start signal:

  • Each participant will hold up the diaper they will be changing the child into high in the air for the photographer to document.
  • Each participant will change their child's diaper. No photographs will be taken during this time.
  • When the diaper change is complete (no rush, this is not a race), each participant will hold their freshly changed child in the air for the photographer to take after shots.


Can I bring other children, friends and/or family?

Of course! The more the merrier! However, only participants of the change will be allowed in the change area. This is due to the Guiness World Record guidelines. Family and friends are more than welcome to watch the change from outside the sectioned area.

Older children are free to play in our play area during the change. However, you will still be responsible for your children during the event.


What about lunch?

We will have minimal refreshments on hand so we recommend that you bring your lunches. We will have tables and chairs set up for you to eat at. You are also more than welcome to purchase your food at one of Cambridge’s wonderful eating establishments and bring that back to the Community Building.

Here are a few places to eat in Cambridge:



Amateur's Bar & Grill

602 Paxton

(308) 697-3575



Cambridge Supermarket

421 Nelson St

(308) 697-3600


Casey’s General Store

422 Nasby

(308) 697-4830


Shirley K’s Coffee Shop

624 Patterson St

(308) 697-3399


Town Talk Restaurant

606 Patterson

(308) 697-4600



For more information, please like our Great Cloth Diaper Change - Cambridge Facebook page!